I'm a short little Italian guy who sings for FEAR
After finding out yesterday that livejournal is hosted in Russia, I decided to download and delete what entries I could, and transfer the rest over to dreamwidth.

I don't know if that's going to be any better of a platform for me. I was reading through old entries and found myself thinking that the only ones I really liked were my bean soup recipe and the jeans waistband tutorial. After 10 years (as of July 2006!) of writing here, that didn't seem like a good track record. Maybe it's all the personal stuff that's simply easier and more comfortable for me to hand-write in a journal. Is a sewing blog the next step? Sewing is certainly something that used to take up quite a few entries, but the time-sink involved in posting an entry for me is daunting. My monthly summaries are, however, a good barometer for me, and if I didn't have an online deadline, would I do it?

I'm keeping my lj account to read a few journals and be able to comment.


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